Song Of Life

life flows like a song with energy, vibration waves of sound… and like a song it has many parts. If you focus on the part of the piano, drums, or just the vocals  you miss the flow, you miss the message of the sounds together as whole.

Some days the song makes you happy, and some days may triggers a memory that makes you sad . The good news is just by changing your thought you change your song.

As you go through your day let the song of your life flow, and remember if you don’t like the song your life is playing, change the record! If you don’t know what a record is… change the CD, iPod, mp3.

Don’t focus on every instrument in the song or in your life, don’t play the same song that brings you down over and over. Let go of that song, the old love song that makes you sad. Let go of those songs.
The first time you hear a new song of course, it’s unfamiliar to you, you’re not sure if you’re going to like it, but then suddenly it’s your new favorite song, you can’t wait to hear it, you listen to it over and over  choose the songs that make you feel good.
let your day flow…like a song and make it a song that makes everyone around you feel good, a song that makes them want to sing along. Don’t make your song so serious that when you sing out of key you forget to laugh.

Our songs wont always be happy songs…

Is happiness something we all want all time!?. when we open a gift we might show excitement,  joy, and happiness. But going  around everyday like that?. That would really annoy everyone around you. You know that person… that’s so happy you want to hit him.
Sometimes life is like opening a gift, and sometimes like getting your car towed. The trick is not to let, getting your car towed,  upset you so much you miss the gift.  So good song, bad song, sad song. If you resist the rhythm!  your song will be distorted .

Simply go with the flow let your song play, sing along, or change the song.


At First Sight

At First Sight

Like the infant using a past experience might turn into that small child stomping their feet demanding their parents to give them what they want.

With the ego saying  “yes I need help here, how dare you not give me what I need’. ‘I can’t do this on my own” and the parent’s ego agrees, “yes I should do everything for this child, This child is my child, different from, your child”. And the ego is pasted down like a bad gene.

We start to compare our parenting skills to our own parents; ” My parents didn’t ever help me, I had it tough,  if my parents had stayed together, if my parents loved me.”, And your ego tells you yes’,” I’m a better parent then my parents were”.  Most of us were un- taught to be present held captive by our parents, brain washed and given an ego.  and some may never get back to presence, until they are close to death. They say that most kids by age 8 have already developed the ego,and lost their awareness of the now, they no longer look at the world the same; they may start to judge, and label. They start to develop their stories; “I shouldn’t be treated like this, she’s is ugly, I am ugly, I need, I don’t have, I want, they don’t like me, I am this way because…. , I have a right!… I have an illness, my parents are divorced,  it’s my teachers fault, I am better then you”.

We came in this world with presences and will leave with presences.

Imagine seeing life with such presence, it’s like seeing everything for the first time but with, the practical knowledge needed to faction. Being focused makes people feel alive; it brings them peace, everything starts to align in their life. It’s almost magic. We suddenly know what to do, where to go, and life start to line up for you. Without focus without being conscious, we never fully become ourselves. The Bible says an eye for an eye, what you put out, you get back, negative energy out, negative results back. Thinking is energy. positive  thinking leads to positive results, but above thinking is a place where awareness lives , it’s like an open socket, that’s who we are, a place where the  false self/ ego  cannot survive. This is the place where we find peace and comfort. this place is presence. This place we are born with but may lose sight of .