The Power Of Worry

I had a friend once, I ask him “do you believe in god” He didn’t answer right away like he was just giving it some thought, So before he answered I said ,”do you believe in Satan”? He looked across the room at his wife and said rather quickly “yes” I said will you had better believe in God!. We both laughed. A lot of people reach for God when they are worried, or in some kind of trouble. When I say God, it could be anyone of the many descriptions, higher consciousness, Buddha, the Toa. Whatever you call it. We might be on different roads, but we are all heading to the same place.

 Many studies have been done, on the power of prayer, sick people who have family praying for them seemed to recover faster, doctors will tell you that their patients that pray, or have a strong belief in God, are sometimes suddenly healed, even with the grimmest of diagnosis.. Many will say it’s just, a coincidence maybe a placebo effect. Whatever it is, it seems to work. I believe that there is also a worry effect: worry and prayer are energies, one is negative one is positive, if you are worried about something, you bring negative energy to it. Why would we want to bring energy to something or someone that’s causing you worry or heartache? I learned this the hard way. I can’t say for sure, but I have a feeling that if you took a poll, and asked “what do you pray for the most?” It would probably be “my children” and if you asked “what do you worry about the most”? It would be “my children”. The things we pray for the most are also the things we worry about the most which leave us in constant turmoil things start to look good and then they turn bad, back and forth, back and forth. We pray for success, and worry about success.

Concern: is very different it looks like empathy, nurturing, helpfulness, love.  Worry can looks more like anger, fear, and frustration. We all have lost our temper with our loved ones, caused from worry. This only brought more suffering to the situation. We have all got frustrated at our job, because we are worried about our success. Our money our customers, if you believe in the power of prayer than believe in the power of worry. The next time you are angry, frustrated, or irritated ask yourself, what am I worried about? And, then ask yourself do I want to give this “worry” energy…? Turn that worry into positive prayer and allow the prayer to manifest.