Have you ever thought of how we manifest our dreams, in dreams there’s no perception of time, you can be on a mountain and then suddenly you’re on a beach there is no sequence of events in a dream.
Dreams are manifested by vibration of thoughts we carry over from our waking space to are sleeping space.
Our dream state and  awake state, are similar in that they are manifested from vibration of thoughts, so what does this mean, it means when we watch a scary movie it can cause a vibration an emotion and while sleeping we may manifest  being chased by a monster.
You may have bills past due, feeling  the world is caving in on us you  so you may manifest a dream of wolves chasing you, or being suffocated, or you could  feel like someone is after your job, and might manifest a dream of someone stabbing you in the back.
So like manifesting dreams with our thoughts we also manifest our reality,  luckily not quite the same or as quickly otherwise we would manifest a lot  of people being strangled.
Our thoughts can be and almost always are scattered  just like our dreams, we may be thinking about what we’re having for dinner followed by being on vacation… when suddenly a person we can’t stand pops in our head…. all of these thoughts bring about emotions and vibrations that we’re not even aware of.
Under all these thoughts is an intention of desire, as “Abraham Hicks” often states we know what we don’t want there for we know what we do want, so why can’t we just think the thought we want and make it manifest in our lives.
We can learn more about how manifesting works by looking at how our dreams work, example out of all the things we thought about in our day we dreamt of someone chasing us after watching a scary movie, why did that manifest instead of a good thought dream?
 because something resonated with us about the movie there was a strong vibration, emotion,  we felt we were in the movie…   It felt like it was happening to us in other words we kept the vibration of that emotion long enough to manifest a nightmare.
Keeping the vibration and the belief of a thought long enough without resistance to the idea can seem difficult But once we understand the laws of the universe, the rules of manifesting, it will become easier .
Understanding the laws of attraction and manifesting .
We are what we think about,
What we feel,  believe, vibrate. 
We  are what we’re non- resistant to what we are persistently thinking about.
So what does that mean ?
The law of attraction has no judgement good or bad,  the law is obedient to these rules and will manifest in accordance with these rules. In other words if you don’t want something happening that’s happening, then the universe will feel your vibrations your emotion your persistent thoughts and abide by continuing to give you  MORE Of  THE THINGS YOU DON’T  WANT HAPPENING... because that is the dominant vibration.
You want more money what should your dominant vibration be?
What is the difference between vibration and thoughts? if you think the thought of wanting money you probably will have the vibration of not having any, you need the vibration of ” having…” to attract a vibration of having money think the thoughts of when you had money.
I have done this by thinking about when I got a birthday card as a kid and seen grandma had put $20.00 in it, there is a vibration of abundance in that thought, the universe don’t know $20 or a million dollars it only knows the vibration you felt when receiving… and it continues manifesting things that give you that same vibration its the law of physics.
Find a thought that gives the feeling of the vibration you want. If you want a loving relationship you need to find the vibration of having that relationship, using the persistent thoughts that brings about that vibration long enough will manifest it in your life. you may not remember having that feeling but think back even if you were ten and someone had a crush on you, how did it feel?  hold on to that vibration.  use your imagination .  We are what we are non-resistant to” meaning if you have the vibration of having something you will continue to manifest having it, If this thought is interrupted with thoughts like ” This stuff don’t work ” then you will get the vibration of “this stuff don’t work ” and  manifest more of “this stuff don’t work”.
Here’s a short cut :
Stop thinking or at least stop resonating with thought,   There is a lot of power in being present without thought you become at peace, and non-resistant, letting your inner desire manifest.
There are many self help books and spiritual gurus that believe when clearing the mind like in meditation you’re on filtering  the mind and allowing, manifesting is about allowing. ” Eckhart Tolle” author of “Power of Now”  suggest not thinking or only thinking in the practical sense, while giving up the babbling narrator of our mind, this can be challenging for a lot of people Eckhart describes the rambling thoughts as the “evil ego” demanding our attention.
If you can catch yourself in thoughts before the thought brings about a negative vibration that manifest more negative vibration then you intercept a negative manifestation .
 Being present can be exuberating there is such a clarity in being present, you will start to notice the world in a very different way .

Instead of giving out all kinds of thoughts to the universe by obsessive thinking you’re listening for the universe to give you its thoughts, feeling, and beliefs. You can only hear the universe by being quite.

So how to stop the cycle of thoughts, that are manifesting things you don’t want.

First: Awareness that you’re thinking obsessively; awareness is like an eraser, the minute you’re aware of the undesired thought it starts to be erased . Example: you’ve just realized you are thinking about having no money you can stop the thought just by realizing the thought . the vibration starts to be erased, Next: replace the thought with a new thought of appreciation, something like I am so appreciative of the clothes I am wearing, the roof over my head, a warm place to be etc..

Look around your present place and find something you feel gratitude for: something you feel abundant about. It can be something you have a lot of, like books, dishes it can be a lot of sunlight.

Focus on that feeling of the vibration, just hold that feeling for as long as you like,  this will break the obsessive negative thoughts and bring you back to the present moment, anytime you feel gratitude and appreciation you are manifesting more things to feel gratitude and appreciation for, when you feel love towards anything you are manifesting more love.


Once you do this; let all thoughts go, don’t give it any more attention.

You can’t manifest money with worry . worry only increases the momentum of not having, remember anytime you feel hate you’re manifesting more things to hate, anytime you feel like a victim, you are manifesting things to feel more like a victim about.

You’re the creator of your own vibration, your vibration manifest your reality, create something good .






Recipe For Peace of mind



A man of great wealth lost all that he owned. He wept as he thought of everything he once had. He was bitter, angry, and unhappy as he moved his things to that small-place with only a place to cook, and a room for a bed. Everyone heard the news and thought” how sad, him losing his large home, and many treasures, he must feel horrible”.

A young family with small children lives in the street begging for food no place to sleep, the children thin, and dirty. Soon the day comes and they are able to move to a new home. It was small but has a place to cook and a place to sleep and they are grateful. Everyone hears the news and thinks “How wonderful! I am so happy for them, they must be grateful to finely have a home”.

Our ego is our story and you can always find people to agree with that story.

The future and the past have no power in the “Now” only our thoughts have the power to make us feel bad, whether you live in a mansion or only have a shopping cart you borrowed from the corner store the laws work the same and you can change your life by changing your vibration of thoughts,  if you have feelings of gratitude you will continue to attract things to be grateful for . When you give up the thoughts, the stories the judgements, truly surrendering to “what is” that’s where the peace in you starts, that’s where  you can start creating your reality

We’ve all heard the saying the rich get richer and poor get poorer, what do you think the rich thinks about money, probably having it, while the poor think about not having it. .. change your thoughts, vibrations, expectation and your reality will follow suit .  So why did the rich man lose everything, because he kept the vibration of  losing something  long enough to lose it . Maybe a love loss, it doesn’t matter what the loss is, its still a vibration of losing something, having something taken away

Stay present without thought, look for anything to be grateful for, even if its a new shopping cart,  I promise you will start a momentum, a vibration…that will continue to manifest things to be grateful for …dont agree with the story your mind has told you or the story your parents, friends or society have told you, focus on the abundance of  love, money , security health anything you feel truly abundant about, without the babbling mind telling you different, the law of attraction is the law, and it works without fail so care about what you vibrate, because your reality is your vibration .