At First Sight

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At First Sight

When an infant is born we do everything for them of coarse they have no skills yet they know only to cry out for help but as they get a little older and start to reach out its important that we don’t help so much we let them challenge their self, you may think they are struggling to reach a toy but look closer they are wiggling, grunting, but not crying out for help. Its the parents that moves the toy closer for them taking away the challenge, no one wants to win a game because someone let them win . By doing this the child learns a new challenge and that’s to get you to do it for them .

With this being the child’s experience they may become the small child stomping their feet demanding their parents to give them what they want. This creates a faults sense of self  the ego, with the ego saying  “yes I need help here, how dare you not give me what I need” I can’t do this on my own” and the parent’s ego agrees, “yes I should do everything for this child, This child is my child… different from your child !”. And the ego is passed down like a bad gene.

We start to compare our parenting skills to our own parents;  The ego tells us ” My parents didn’t ever help me, I had it tough,  if my parents had stayed together, if my parents loved me more.”, and your ego tells you yes’,” I’m a better parent then my parents were”.

Most of us were un- taught to be present held captive by our parents ego, brain washed and given an ego of our own .  and some may never get back to presence, until they are close to death. They say that most kids by age 8 have already developed the ego, and lost their awareness of the now, they no longer look at the world the same; they may start to judge, and label. They start to develop their stories; “I shouldn’t be treated like this, she is ugly, I am ugly, I need, I don’t have, I want, they don’t like me, I am this way because…. , I have a rights!… I have an illness, my parents are divorced,  it’s my teachers fault, I am better then you”.

We came in this world with presents and will leave with presents.

Imagine seeing life with such presence, it’s like seeing everything for the first time but with the practical knowledge needed to function.

Being focused makes people feel alive it brings them peace, everything starts to align in their life’s  It’s almost magic, we suddenly know what to do, where to go, and life starts to line up for you.

Without focus, without being conscious, we never fully become ourselves. The Bible says an eye for an eye, which means what you put out you get back, negative energy out, negative results back.

Thinking is energy , positive thinking leads to positive results, but above thinking is a place where awareness live’s  a place where the  false self/ ego  cannot survive. This is the place where we find peace and comfort. this place is ” presence” A place we are born with the  knowledge of but most have lost  sight of .

Learn From Nature

Grass needs only sun and water lots and lots of water, our bodies are the same; without water we shrivel up become dry, our skin and hair look old. The longer we go without water the more we become sick with disease. Everything on earth is made up of water. They say to drink half your weight in ounces. Along with feeding your body, sea salt, fruits, and vegetables.

Like a garden; seeds planted in good dirt full of minerals, water and sunshine will grow beautiful healthy food, as with humans it’s the same if you don’t have the sun, water, and minerals, it won’t matter what food you put in the body we cant  digest the right nutrition…  keep your garden free of weeds giving space to flourish with ease,  So is the same for your body without weeding out stress, giving your body space to relax, our body cannot digest and flourish good health.

Like the tree; with strong roots, can weather the winds, bending and swaying in harmony so can we learn to get along and stay will rooted.

flower, what gives it such beauty… fragile, but strong enough to break thru the heavy earth? We enjoy gazing upon it without intention, not needing of it for food, just the enjoyment of its smell, and beauty. What flower struggles or worries to grow? We too can live like the lilies.

By Kari Pelz


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 Learning to listen 
Listening is a skill taking practice, trying to listen without thought… can be difficult, most people are just waiting to respond, only hearing a piece of what the other is saying.
 The other person hasn’t even finished a sentence and we’re thinking of our response, most times butting in way before they are even finished speaking, we just can’t contain ourselves, blurting out our opinion.. especially if its some good gossip.
You might be very surprised when truly listening, in fact… you may think you never even knew that person before!  Its especially hard listening to family members, this is because we tend to think we already know what they are going to say.
They say the number one cause of divorce is lack of communication, witch really means! lack of listening . Many married couples that have been together for years end in divorce, because they haven’t listen to each other in years and really don’t even know each other anymore, we’re not the same people we were years ago.  However if you ask a couple while their still getting along in their relationship, they will say things like …we can read each others minds or I know them better then they know their selves. When really we’re  just in the habit of not listening…  we don’t know who we are so we just hope the other half does.
To listen without the intention of responding is to truly listen, pay close attention to yourself, Are you listening or are you thinking and judging and waiting to respond. While the other is talking, are you thinking  stuff like …” I know what you’re going to say, and the answer is no!, your lying to me, I heard this before!, I hate that shirt you’re wearing. you don’t know what the hell your talking about, how long are you going to go on about it .”
Our teenage children can be very difficult to listen to, they are changing who they are every day, so its very important to listen without judgment , their not a 6 year old anymore  If your teenage child says “I want to go to my friends house on Saturday night”  before they  even said “friends house” you already are thinking ” she is asking me “can I drop out of school,  do drugs and have a child out of wedlock “.
Regardless If you try to hide thoughts in the conversation, thinking is an energy… and any negativity in our thoughts are going to be in your conversations by vibrations.
  When we meet a new person we tend to start thinking and judging from the moment we lay eyes on them.  We are sizing them up, comparing them to ourselves, labeling, judging. “She’s good looking, I hate her, what is she thinking wearing that! she seem so phony, “,  the hole time shaking their hand and mechanically introducing yourself.
You haven’t a clue what their name is, you have been busy thinking.
We also tend to do the same to ourselves when meeting people we start judging ourselves “I cant compete with these people, they seem much more better, richer, etc . I feel out of place here, I should have worn the other out fit, he is more successful then me, their house is nicer, newer.
 We all do this and so its seems to be normal but it doesn’t have to be. it only causes  suffering and we miss out on opportunities, friendships, marriage.
Being present without thought can be very difficult at first, but with practice it becomes easier and even addicting …presence is being at peace. and peace is being happy.
 We all long for peace. which is probably why a lot of people have addictions…drugs, alcohol can feel like “presence” we tend to feel quite at ease when we have a few drinks in us. alcohol simulates “presence” if you have ever been intoxicated you may remember feeling at peace telling someone you just met how much you love them, talking to strangers like your best friends making plans to do things the next day. and later thinking what was I thinking!! .  Drugs and alcohol are illusions of ” presence” that’s what makes them so addicting. people can also become addicted to things that make you become alert, present, aware, like riding a motorcycle. while riding you are more present because its somewhat an adrenaline rush and our primal instincts tell us to be alert,  mountain climbing, jumping out of planes.
Working out at the gym can simulate the fight or flight feeling which makes you feel alert and closer to feeling present.  Being truly present means having an awareness of the moment.  Controlling your thinking  you are then able to drink or climb a mountain because you enjoy it…not because you are addicted and want to escape your thinking.
Even watching TV can keep us from our own minds, its very addicting to lose yourself in a movie .
Your body does not know the difference of a movie or real life it reacts with the same vibration, example a sad movie will make you cry, a happy make you laugh and feel good , a drama will make you feel angry. So pay  attention to your thoughts and your bodies response, along with listening to those around you listen to your thinking, awareness is all that’s needed .
By Kari Pelz

Life Is A Paradox

Life is a paradox 

Living without the ego 


We sometimes need to be blind to see, to live is to know death, to be in control of your life is to let life be as it is, to win the fight is to surrender, to listen so carefully, so intentional, you can feel the sound, that! is to truly hear. When you let life flow… you let amazing things happen, Life has no social status, anyone can see the sound, and anyone can find the question to the answer, complicated but is so simple.

 Life struggles are easy without ego.  Things we achieve without ego are the only things that will make us truly happy.


When we learn that… and that is a hard one to learn, we will learn true gratitude, appreciation for life, and with that gratitude and appreciation we long to give, and with longing  to give we can learn to receive with grace.

Knowing… we’ll always have enough,  no fear of abandonment, frustration, no worry of losing.

Tomorrow never comes… when you wake up its going to still be today! enjoy the journey