Powerless Empowerment

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Powerlessness, is the worst feeling we can endure, it’s the lowest of vibrations we can be in.  It’s also the one thing that shapes our prospective of reality, we’re born with a free soul, our job is to create, create our lives, our realities .

Our power of creating from the universe is attracted from  our vibrations, thoughts, emotions, that determine what is manifested , if we are attracting from the vibration of powerlessness we will manifest a reality of more things to feel powerless about.

Let me give you something to think about, lets say you have an over bearing parent that puts you down no matter what you do or how well you do it. You feel powerless to please them, you feel worthless, which is a side effect of powerlessness. With this experience you may go through life wanting to please, wanting to impress, unfortunately choosing people who can’t be pleased, why do we do this? Because these are the people who feel most normal to you, this is the vibration we are used to .

Our experiences are not what mold our life as much as our “perspective” of the experience .

Example: as we grow up we learn quickly that we’re powerless against adults mainly our parent, they have the power, they  feed us, clothe us, we trust them to keep us alive,  even a child that is beaten by a parent will still cry for them when taken away,  the child has a false sense of  safeness, they are the only ones they know that have kept them living.

We learn a false sense of power very  young,  we throw a fit, stomp our feet, embarrass our parents in public, we learn this false sense of power, when the parent gives-in, when you get the candy that they’ve just said no to moments ago . That’s when you feel the imaginary power. Everyone wants to feel empowered, there’s true empowerment, and false  empowerment.


You have a choice to eat carrots or you can eat peas, the child doesn’t want either but  by getting to choose they feel a sense of power even though they don’t want either one, that’s a false sense of power.

Another much more somber example: would be a person in an abusive relationship  feeling powerless against their abuser, then later feeling a false sense of power when they’re abuser is bagging for forgiveness, crying and pleading never to do it again, that’s when the person being abused feels power and with the craving for power they sometimes stay with their abuser, always searching for the next feeling of empowerment.

If you know your spouse is cheating on you …you’ve seen the texts, it’s very clear your partner is seeing someone else. You looked, you found the truth, the truth of your suspicions has made you feel sad, but somehow empowered by knowing the truth, but when  confronting them, they take away your feeling of power when they deny it , saying it’s not true ” you’re wrong, you’re crazy”, Its right in front of your face, but it’s not about the cheating anymore it’s about the power. So instead of walking away from the situation you continue to snoop through their things. You want to catch them in the lie Why, Because you will be right,  being right makes you feel empowered. Also you’re hoping they will be sorry and beg you for forgiveness and you will have even more power.

It’s hard to know when we’re feeling powerless if that’s what we’re use to feeling, so how do we take back our lives? 

 (1) By trusting yourself and only caring about how you feel, that may sound selfish and your right it is, however if you are sacrificing your happiness then you do not have power over your life, so being selfish is a good thing, giving yourself permission to feel good is empowerment .

 (2) By paying close attention to your intentions example: I’m I wanting someone else to be wrong so I can be right, there should never be an “if” on these sentences,  I will feel empowered… if I catch them, if they say sorry, if they give me what I want, anytime it’s up to someone else’s actions or conditions to make you feel empowered, you have given away all your power.   Any power you feel is a false feeling of power it’s a condition of our upbringing , This kind of power is deceiving and keeps us in a state of powerlessness. It’s choosing the peas instead of the carrots knowing you don’t want either.   By someone  giving you choices to accept one thing or another knowing you don’t want either, you are not in a state of empowerment.

Empowerment is having the authority over one’s self.

(3) Awareness that you are the one responsible for your choices, understanding no one has the power to take away your power, understanding you gave them that power, rising above the  idea of being a victim, letting go of your childhood, anger, resentment. taking control over all the choices for yourself.  You can’t control other peoples actions but you can control your own.

Your thoughts create vibrations that create reality, and you have control over your thoughts. You have the power to redirect your thoughts and your feelings,  creating a new reality , manifesting from the universe the things you want in your life, don’t give that power to anyone.

By Kari Pelz



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