Listen To The Silence

There are 3 ways of thinking; that will lead you to the ego (false self), 1. Stuck in past, 2. Stuck in future 3. Resisting the now Re-action: just like the child crying, reaching for the toy. The adult child in us comes out The ego’s re-action to: stuck in the past; why did that happen to me, why did she leave me, I should have got that promotion, he screwed me over, The body reacts; with depression, crying, sadness, not doing anything with your life, blaming others for everything that goes wrong in your life, unhappiness, and procrastination The ego’s re-action to: fighting the now “this should not be happening to me”, do they know who I am.” “How dare them make me wait”, “Yelling, stumping feet, Being rude to people.’ The body reacts with: frustration, irritation, tension: headache, high blood pressure upset stomach, heart burn disease and addiction. The ego’s re-action to: stuck in the future I will be rich soon,: tomorrow will be better, I will move up that latter soon. When the house is paid off, we will go when we have more money, than the business will be bigger, things will be better, someday, someday soon. Then I will relax, and then I will spend time with my family, go on vacation etc.… Effect on your life and body: worry, fear, anxiety sadness, disappointment unhappiness addiction. Any one of these whether its stuck in future, past, or fighting the now, is sure to make your life miserable: Many will use drugs, alcohol. Being drunk or doped up on pills whatever the high: Addiction will be your hardest fight against the ego (false self), because it feels as if you are present, we are drawn to it. The more you drink or take the drug of choice the more the ego makes you think and feel present . But in reality you are so gone in the ego you can’t be present at all.. Depending on how much you have had to drink of coarse. We know this later when we sober up. you might remember thinking you could dance like Saturday Night Fever, or maybe you were god’s gift to every girl or guy at the bar, or you suddenly thought you should quit your day job and become a Karaoke DJ, yes the ego has taken you over completely. Still without presence in our life we crave to have it, even if it’s just a pretend presence. So the addiction continues. Causing its own problems of resentment, abandonment, loss, and the ego is there to tell us; feel guilty , you’re a loser, you don’t deserve to be loved, I can’t cope, I’ve had a hard day , somebody screwed me over; I deserve a drink, I do it to unwind, I do it to relax. There’s nothing else to do. I can quit when I want. It’s not a problem. And the addiction of course cause more problems in your life for you to think and ponder over. And the addiction of thinking goes on and on. Like any addiction, smoking, drinking, overeating, thinking… is an addiction as well and it takes practice to stay present. But the more you do it the easier it gets. And the  longer you practice the  easier it gets. start with things that are not stressful  like at home in the shower, sitting outdoors relaxing. Try enjoying something without thought. And you will start to see things as you have never seen them before. Later you will be able to do it walking through a busy mall. And soon you start to feel true peace not the imaginary false peace of addictions.

Any creative thing in this world a song, a great painting, a great movie script, anything that will last in this world came from being present. And that is why we love music movies, painting, and other creative things, even creative places. People love sunsets, trees, blue skies, mountains anything outdoors, storms, snow and rain. These things are the creative presences of the universe. The place where we came from and the place we will return.

In the Frist verse of the Tao Te Ching it reads: The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao, The name that can be named, is not the eternal Name. Which mean we cannot be named, we are not our thoughts, someone may say: you are old, you are rich, you are poor, you are a big jerk, but that is not who we are. I know you may be saying… ‘No really! he is a big jerk’, he may act like a jerk, but that is not who he is. It’s like telling a child ‘that is, grass …..It is green’. Now we have named it. We might say it is soft, now we have labeled it, we could have said it is soft, it is green, and it is called a rock. And the child would learn to call the grass’ Rock’ we only know what we are taught, you might ask’ what is it then? Its true essence cannot be named. Like an infant seeing their hand for the first time, looks at it in awe, what do they know, that we don’t, Its more about what they don’t know… how to judge… ,label…, and name. When you look at a person without naming, judging, labeling you will see a different being. Krishnamurti once said, “When you teach a child that a bird is namedbird,’ the child will never see the bird again. Many people look for love, wanting that prefect relationship, love cannot be named, it’s not a thing to be given nor received, and it cannot be labeled: prefect, good, bad or otherwise. It’s not a thing, love is like a promise you keep.



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