Learn From Nature

Grass needs only sun and water lots and lots of water, our bodies are the same; without water we shrivel up become dry, our skin and hair look old. The longer we go without water the more we become sick with disease. Everything on earth is made up of water. They say to drink half your weight in ounces. Along with feeding your body, sea salt, fruits, and vegetables.

Like a garden; seeds planted in good dirt full of minerals, water and sunshine will grow beautiful healthy food, as with humans it’s the same if you don’t have the sun, water, and minerals, it won’t matter what food you put in the body we cant  digest the right nutrition…  keep your garden free of weeds giving space to flourish with ease,  So is the same for your body without weeding out stress, giving your body space to relax, our body cannot digest and flourish good health.

Like the tree; with strong roots, can weather the winds, bending and swaying in harmony so can we learn to get along and stay will rooted.

flower, what gives it such beauty… fragile, but strong enough to break thru the heavy earth? We enjoy gazing upon it without intention, not needing of it for food, just the enjoyment of its smell, and beauty. What flower struggles or worries to grow? We too can live like the lilies.

By Kari Pelz

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