Life Is A Paradox

Life is a paradox, you sometimes need to be blind to see, to live is to know death, to be in control of your life is to let life be as it is, to win the fight is to surrender, to listen so carefully, so intentional, you can feel the sound, that! is to truly hear. When you let life flow… you let amazing things happen, Life has no social status, anyone can see the sound, and anyone can find the question to the answer, complicated but is so simple.

 Life struggles are easy without ego

Have you ever watched an infant, lying on the floor, rocking, wiggling using every muscle in their body just to move two inches to a toy,. We believe life is hard we don’t want to see them struggle. But if we take a close look we notice that the first time you seen them struggling toward a toy you moved the toy a little closer .This may be the beginning of the ego, The ego us parents start to develop in our children, that ego that later YELLS AND STOMPS THIER FEET “Hey! …How dare them! Not give me what I reach for.” It’s only after we interfere with life, after moving the toy toward them, that they learn frustration; without inference they simply wiggle make grunting sounds, smile, and possibly fall asleep.

The child feels they have all the time in the world they have no concerns of how long it takes to get the toy they are not trying to race the child next store.

They have no expectation of what the toy is. they’re simply enjoying the journey  with the passion to move. When they finely reach their toy they are grateful.

When our children are born, we need to do everything for them, feed them, change them, burp them. Teaching them everything . However Its our own thinking, passed down from generation to generation. So we assume reaching for that toy must be frustrating, They must be in a hurry Right!? I mean who would want to be here! when they can be there!?.

God said I made you in my image

Perhaps we have had a few toys pushed towards us. Maybe those toys have turned in to cars, houses, relationships, Perhaps our own ego wants to say’ life How dare you not give me what I reach for’. And we cry and stomp our feet with frustration.   that’s the ego… that voice in the head… the voice that says “life! owes me this”.

The things we achieve without ego are the only things that will make us truly happy.

When we learn that… and that is a hard one to learn, we will learn true gratitude, appreciation for life, and with that gratitude and appreciation we long to give, and with longing  to give we can learn to receive with grace.

Knowing… we’ll always have enough,  No fear of abandonment, frustration, no worry of losing.

Tomorrow never comes… when you wake up its going to still be today! enjoy the journey and easy task of wiggling, making some grunting sounds, and smiling .

What is the intention of your journey