Let’s talk about our dreams and our dream state reality, In dreams there’s no perception of time you can be on a mountain and then suddenly you’re on a beach there is no sequence of events in a dream. Dreams are manifested by vibration of thoughts we carry over from our waking space to are sleeping space.
Our dream state and  awake state are similar in that they are manifested from vibration of thoughts. So what does this mean it means when we watch a scary movie it can cause a vibration an emotion and while sleeping we may manifest  being chased by a monsters, you may have a lot of bills past due, feeling  the world is caving in on us we manifest a dream of wolves chasing us, or being suffocated. another scenario could be If you feel like someone is after your job you might manifest a dream of someone stabbing you in the back.
And like manifesting dreams with our thoughts we also manifest our reality. luckily not quite the same or as quickly . otherwise we would manifest a lot  of people being strangled.
Our dreams our scattered , just like our thoughts we may be thinking about what we’re having for dinner followed by being on vacation… when suddenly a person we can’t stand pops in our head…. all of these thoughts bring about emotions and vibrations that we’re not even aware of.
Under all these thoughts is an intention of desire, we know what we don’t want there for we know what we do want, so why can’t we just think the thought we want and make it manifest in our lives.
We can learn more about how its works by looking at how our dreams work… out of all the things we thought about in a day we dreamt of someone chasing us after watching a scary movie, why did that manifest instead of a good thought dream?  because something resonated with us about the movie there was a strong vibration, emotion,  we felt we were in the movie… RUN !  It felt like it was happening to us.
Keeping the vibration and the belief of a thought long enough without resistance to the idea can seem difficult But once we understand the laws of the universe, the rules of manifesting, it will become easy.
Understanding the laws of attraction and manifesting
We are what we think about
We are what we feel
We are what we believe
We are what we vibrate
We are what we are non resistant to.
We are what we are persistent in thinking about.
So what does that mean ?
The law of attraction has no judgement good or bad,  the law is obedient to these rules and will manifest in accordance with these rules. In other words if you don’t want something happening that’s happening, then the universe will feel your vibrations your emotion your persistent thoughts and abide by continuing to give you more ….”GIVING YOU MORE THINGS TO NOT WANT HAPPENING”. because that is the dominant vibration.
So try this, you want more money what should your dominant vibration be?  what is the difference between vibration and thoughts? if you think the thought of wanting money you probably will have the vibration of not having any , you need the vibration of having to attract more having so when it comes to money think the thought of when you had money. I have done this by thinking about when I got a birthday card as a kid and seen grandma had put $20.00 dollar in it, there is a vibration of abundance in that thought, the universe don’t know 20 buck or a million bucks its only know the vibration you feel when receiving… and it continues manifesting things that giving you that same vibration. find a thought that gives the feeling of the vibration you want. If you want a loving relationship you need to find the vibration of having that relationship and use the persistent thought that brings about that vibration long enough to manifest it in your life. you may not remember having that feeling but think back even if you were ten and someone had a crush on you, how did it feel?  hold on to that vibration.  use your imagination .  We are what we are non-resistant to” meaning if you have the vibration of having something you will continue manifest having, If this thought is interrupted with thoughts like ” This stuff don’t work ” then you will get the vibration of this stuff don’t work and  manifest more of this stuff don’t work.
Short cut
Stop thinking or at least stop resonating with thought,  you may think that not thinking is not paying attention but its the opposite there is a lot of power in being present you become at peace with a  feeling of being and that is where life is most fulfilling.. There are many self help book and spiritual gurus that believe when clearing the mind like in meditation you’re unfaltering the mind and allowing, manifesting is about allowing. Eckhart Tolle author of “Power of Now” and “A New Earth” suggest not thinking or only thinking in the practical sense, but giving up the babbling narrator of our mind can be challenging for a lot of people Eckhart describes the rambling thoughts as the evil ego demanding our attention.
If you can catch yourself in thought before the thought brings about a negative vibration that manifest more negative vibration then you intercept a negative manifestation .
 Being present can be exuberating there is such a clarity in being present, you will start to notice the world in a very different way .

Being present is kind of like listening.

Instead of giving out all kinds of thoughts to the universe by obsessive thinking you’re listening for the universe to give you its thoughts, feeling, and beliefs. You can only hear the universe by being quite.

The universe knows what we need and our desires, so it’s kind of like a shortcut to manifesting.

So how to stop the cycle of thoughts, that are manifesting thing you don’t want.

First: Awareness that you’re thinking obsessively  awareness is like an eraser, the minute you’re aware of the undesired thoughts it starts to be erased . Example: you’ve just realized you are thinking about having no money so you give the thought awareness the vibration starts to be erased .

now replace the thought with a new thought of appreciation for what is right now in front of you,

simply look around your present place and find something you feel gratitude for: something you feel abundant about. It can be something you have a lot of, like books, dishes it can be a lot of sunlight.

Focus on that feeling the vibration, just hold that feeling for as long as you like,  this will break the obsessive negative thoughts and bring you back to the present moment.

Anytime you feel gratitude or appreciation you are manifesting more things to feel gratitude and appreciation for.

Anytime you feel love towards anything you are manifesting more love.

But remember anytime you feel hate you’re manifesting more things to hate.

Anytime you feel like a victim you are manifesting things to feel more like a victim about.

Reality is: belief, non-resistance, knowing, awareness, an arriving, being.

You’re the creator of your own vibration your vibration manifest your reality create something good .






Recipe For Peace

The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris
The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A man of great wealth lost all that he owned. He wept as he thought of everything he once had. He was bitter, angry, and unhappy- as he moved his things to that small-place with only a place to cook, and a room for a bed. Everyone heard the news and thought” how sad, him losing his large home, and many treasures he must feel horrible”.

A young family with small children lives in the street begging for food no place to sleep, the children thin, and dirty. Soon the day comes and they are able to move to a new home. It was small but has a place to cook and a place to sleep and they are grateful. Everyone hear the new and think “How wonderful I am so happy for them, they must be grateful to finely have a home”.

Our ego is our story and you can always find people to agree with that story.

The future and the past have no power in the “Now” only our thoughts have the power to make us feel bad, whether you live in a mansion or only have a shopping cart you borrowed from the corner store if you have feelings of gratitude you will continue to attract things to be grateful for . When you give up the thoughts, the stories the judgements, truly surrendering to “what is” that’s where the peace in you starts.

Life is a paradox: To be blind to the thoughts, the judgements are to truly see. To live life in peace is to let things die, yesterday is dead… let it be. To win the fight Is to surrender, listen to the silence, you can feel the sound… that’s to truly hear!. Life has no social status; Life struggles are easier without the voice in the head, it’s simple but complicated. The ego would have you think.


The Power Of Worry

I had a friend once, I ask him “do you believe in god” He didn’t answer right away like he was just giving it some thought, So before he answered I said ,”do you believe in Satan”? He looked across the room at his wife and said rather quickly “yes” I said will you had better believe in God!. We both laughed. A lot of people reach for God when they are worried, or in some kind of trouble. When I say God, it could be anyone of the many descriptions, higher consciousness, Buddha, the Toa. Whatever you call it. We might be on different roads, but we are all heading to the same place.

 Many studies have been done, on the power of prayer, sick people who have family praying for them seemed to recover faster, doctors will tell you that their patients that pray, or have a strong belief in God, are sometimes suddenly healed, even with the grimmest of diagnosis.. Many will say it’s just, a coincidence maybe a placebo effect. Whatever it is, it seems to work. I believe that there is also a worry effect: worry and prayer are energies, one is negative one is positive, if you are worried about something, you bring negative energy to it. Why would we want to bring energy to something or someone that’s causing you worry or heartache? I learned this the hard way. I can’t say for sure, but I have a feeling that if you took a poll, and asked “what do you pray for the most?” It would probably be “my children” and if you asked “what do you worry about the most”? It would be “my children”. The things we pray for the most are also the things we worry about the most which leave us in constant turmoil things start to look good and then they turn bad, back and forth, back and forth. We pray for success, and worry about success.

Concern: is very different it looks like empathy, nurturing, helpfulness, love.  Worry can looks more like anger, fear, and frustration. We all have lost our temper with our loved ones, caused from worry. This only brought more suffering to the situation. We have all got frustrated at our job, because we are worried about our success. Our money our customers, if you believe in the power of prayer than believe in the power of worry. The next time you are angry, frustrated, or irritated ask yourself, what am I worried about? And, then ask yourself do I want to give this “worry” energy…? Turn that worry into positive prayer and allow the prayer to manifest.




Listen To The Silence

There are 3 ways of thinking; that will lead you to the ego (false self), 1. Stuck in past, 2. Stuck in future 3. Resisting the now Re-action: just like the child crying, reaching for the toy. The adult child in us comes out The ego’s re-action to: stuck in the past; why did that happen to me, why did she leave me, I should have got that promotion, he screwed me over, The body reacts; with depression, crying, sadness, not doing anything with your life, blaming others for everything that goes wrong in your life, unhappiness, and procrastination The ego’s re-action to: fighting the now “this should not be happening to me”, do they know who I am.” “How dare them make me wait”, “Yelling, stumping feet, Being rude to people.’ The body reacts with: frustration, irritation, tension: headache, high blood pressure upset stomach, heart burn disease and addiction. The ego’s re-action to: stuck in the future I will be rich soon,: tomorrow will be better, I will move up that latter soon. When the house is paid off, we will go when we have more money, than the business will be bigger, things will be better, someday, someday soon. Then I will relax, and then I will spend time with my family, go on vacation etc.… Effect on your life and body: worry, fear, anxiety sadness, disappointment unhappiness addiction. Any one of these whether its stuck in future, past, or fighting the now, is sure to make your life miserable: Many will use drugs, alcohol. Being drunk or doped up on pills whatever the high: Addiction will be your hardest fight against the ego (false self), because it feels as if you are present, we are drawn to it. The more you drink or take the drug of choice the more the ego makes you think and feel present . But in reality you are so gone in the ego you can’t be present at all.. Depending on how much you have had to drink of coarse. We know this later when we sober up. you might remember thinking you could dance like Saturday Night Fever, or maybe you were god’s gift to every girl or guy at the bar, or you suddenly thought you should quit your day job and become a Karaoke DJ, yes the ego has taken you over completely. Still without presence in our life we crave to have it, even if it’s just a pretend presence. So the addiction continues. Causing its own problems of resentment, abandonment, loss, and the ego is there to tell us; feel guilty , you’re a loser, you don’t deserve to be loved, I can’t cope, I’ve had a hard day , somebody screwed me over; I deserve a drink, I do it to unwind, I do it to relax. There’s nothing else to do. I can quit when I want. It’s not a problem. And the addiction of course cause more problems in your life for you to think and ponder over. And the addiction of thinking goes on and on. Like any addiction, smoking, drinking, overeating, thinking… is an addiction as well and it takes practice to stay present. But the more you do it the easier it gets. And the  longer you practice the  easier it gets. start with things that are not stressful  like at home in the shower, sitting outdoors relaxing. Try enjoying something without thought. And you will start to see things as you have never seen them before. Later you will be able to do it walking through a busy mall. And soon you start to feel true peace not the imaginary false peace of addictions.

Any creative thing in this world a song, a great painting, a great movie script, anything that will last in this world came from being present. And that is why we love music movies, painting, and other creative things, even creative places. People love sunsets, trees, blue skies, mountains anything outdoors, storms, snow and rain. These things are the creative presences of the universe. The place where we came from and the place we will return.

In the Frist verse of the Tao Te Ching it reads: The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao, The name that can be named, is not the eternal Name. Which mean we cannot be named, we are not our thoughts, someone may say: you are old, you are rich, you are poor, you are a big jerk, but that is not who we are. I know you may be saying… ‘No really! he is a big jerk’, he may act like a jerk, but that is not who he is. It’s like telling a child ‘that is, grass …..It is green’. Now we have named it. We might say it is soft, now we have labeled it, we could have said it is soft, it is green, and it is called a rock. And the child would learn to call the grass’ Rock’ we only know what we are taught, you might ask’ what is it then? Its true essence cannot be named. Like an infant seeing their hand for the first time, looks at it in awe, what do they know, that we don’t, Its more about what they don’t know… how to judge… ,label…, and name. When you look at a person without naming, judging, labeling you will see a different being. Krishnamurti once said, “When you teach a child that a bird is namedbird,’ the child will never see the bird again. Many people look for love, wanting that prefect relationship, love cannot be named, it’s not a thing to be given nor received, and it cannot be labeled: prefect, good, bad or otherwise. It’s not a thing, love is like a promise you keep.


Looking for something?

People tend to find cures, love, fame, success, by accident.  Your car breaks down and someone stops to help you, suddenly you’ve met the love of your life.  You find a rock, keep it as a pet, the idea to sales. you makes millions, food is left out and Penicillin is discovered and saves millions of lives. Many of our most important discoveries were found accidentally. Discoveries just presented themselves, and the person that discovered it was just present enough to notice it. Be in the now be present and see what you … notice.

Song Of Life

life flows like a song with energy, vibration waves of sound… and like a song it has many parts. If you focus on the part of the piano, drums, or just the vocals  you miss the flow, you miss the message of the sounds together as whole.

Some days the song makes you happy, and some days may triggers a memory that makes you sad . The good news is just by changing your thought you change your song.

As you go through your day let the song of your life flow, and remember if you don’t like the song your life is playing, change the record! If you don’t know what a record is… change the CD, iPod, mp3.

Don’t focus on every instrument in the song or in your life, don’t play the same song that brings you down over and over. Let go of that song, the old love song that makes you sad. Let go of those songs.
The first time you hear a new song of course, it’s unfamiliar to you, you’re not sure if you’re going to like it, but then suddenly it’s your new favorite song, you can’t wait to hear it, you listen to it over and over  choose the songs that make you feel good.
let your day flow…like a song and make it a song that makes everyone around you feel good, a song that makes them want to sing along. Don’t make your song so serious that when you sing out of key you forget to laugh.

Our songs wont always be happy songs…

Is happiness something we all want all time!?. when we open a gift we might show excitement,  joy, and happiness. But going  around everyday like that?. That would really annoy everyone around you. You know that person… that’s so happy you want to hit him.
Sometimes life is like opening a gift, and sometimes like getting your car towed. The trick is not to let, getting your car towed,  upset you so much you miss the gift.  So good song, bad song, sad song. If you resist the rhythm!  your song will be distorted .

Simply go with the flow let your song play, sing along, or change the song.

The Law Of Attraction

There is a universal language it’s not English or Spanish.  The universe doesn’t speak different languages.  The universal language is feelings and emotions. If you want to attract something in your life you need to ask for it with emotion, like a prayer.  If you want a new home, send out the thoughts, and emotions of already owning a home.

If you’re worried about paying bills… Worry being a strong emotion. The universe will abide and say… yes,! here are bills to pay. Thoughts create feelings and your feelings attract things.

At First Sight

At First Sight

Like the infant using a past experience might turn into that small child stomping their feet demanding their parents to give them what they want.

With the ego saying  “yes I need help here, how dare you not give me what I need’. ‘I can’t do this on my own” and the parent’s ego agrees, “yes I should do everything for this child, This child is my child, different from, your child”. And the ego is pasted down like a bad gene.

We start to compare our parenting skills to our own parents; ” My parents didn’t ever help me, I had it tough,  if my parents had stayed together, if my parents loved me.”, And your ego tells you yes’,” I’m a better parent then my parents were”.  Most of us were un- taught to be present held captive by our parents, brain washed and given an ego.  and some may never get back to presence, until they are close to death. They say that most kids by age 8 have already developed the ego,and lost their awareness of the now, they no longer look at the world the same; they may start to judge, and label. They start to develop their stories; “I shouldn’t be treated like this, she’s is ugly, I am ugly, I need, I don’t have, I want, they don’t like me, I am this way because…. , I have a right!… I have an illness, my parents are divorced,  it’s my teachers fault, I am better then you”.

We came in this world with presences and will leave with presences.

Imagine seeing life with such presence, it’s like seeing everything for the first time but with, the practical knowledge needed to faction. Being focused makes people feel alive; it brings them peace, everything starts to align in their life. It’s almost magic. We suddenly know what to do, where to go, and life start to line up for you. Without focus without being conscious, we never fully become ourselves. The Bible says an eye for an eye, what you put out, you get back, negative energy out, negative results back. Thinking is energy. positive  thinking leads to positive results, but above thinking is a place where awareness lives , it’s like an open socket, that’s who we are, a place where the  false self/ ego  cannot survive. This is the place where we find peace and comfort. this place is presence. This place we are born with but may lose sight of .

Learn From Nature



Grass needs only sun and water lots and lots of water, our bodies are the same; without water we shrivel up become dry, our skin and hair look old. The longer we go without water the more we become sick with disease. Everything on earth is made up of water. They say to drink half you weight in ounces. Along with feeding your body, sea salt, fruits, and vegetables. Too much water is only if you don’t’ maintaining enough of the right minerals. So adding sea salt will give you what you need.


Like a garden; seeds planted in good dirt full of minerals, water and sunshine will grow beautiful, healthy food, as with humans it’s the same if you don’t have the sun, water, and minerals, it won’t matter what food you put in the body it won’t grow or digest  the right nutrition,  Keep your garden free of weeds giving space to flourish with ease,  so is the same for your body without weeding out stress, giving your body space to relax, our body cannot digest and flourish good health.


Like the tree; with strong roots, can weather the winds, bending and swaying in harmony so can we learn to get along and stay will rooted.

A flower; what gives it such beauty… fragile, but strong enough to break thru the heavy earth? We can gaze on it without intentions, not needing of it, for food but, just enjoyment of its smell, and beauty. What flower struggles or worries to grow? We too can be like the lilies



Listening is a skill it takes practice Trying to listen without thought… can be difficult, most people are just waiting to respond, only hearing a piece of what the other is saying.
Before the other person even finishes a sentence we are thinking of our response, Sometimes butting in way before they are even finished, We just can’t contain ourselves, before we start blurting out our opinion.. especially if its some good gossip.
You might be very surprised when truly listening, in fact! may think you never even knew that person before!  Its especially hard listening to family member, this is because we tend to think we already know what they are going to say.
They say the number one cause of divorce is lack of communication, witch really means! lack of listening . Many married couples that have been together for years end in divorce, because they haven’t listen to each other in years and really don’t even know each other anymore ,we’re not the same people we were years ago.  However if you ask a couple while their still getting along in their relationship, they will say things like …we can read each others minds or I know them better then they know their selves. When really we’re  just in the habit of not listening… to the point we don’t know who we are! so we just hope the other half does . To listen without the intention of responding is to truly listen. So pay close attention to yourself, Are you listening or are you thinking and judging and waiting to respond. While the other is talking. Are you thinking  stuff like … I know what your going say, and the answer is no!, your lying to me, I heard this before!, I hate that shirt he’s wearing. you don’t know what the hell your talking about or how long are you going to go on about it .
Our teenage children can be very difficult to listen to because they are changing who they are every day. So its very important to listen without thought and without judgment …If your teenage child says.. I want to go to my friends house on Saturday night…Before they have even said friends house….you already are thinking…..she is asking me..! can I drop out of school  do drugs and have a child out of wedlock .
Regardless if you say it out loud its in the conversation.
Thinking is an energy…and any negativity in our thoughts are going to be in your conversations weather or not you say them out loud.    when we meet a new person we tend to starting thinking and judging from moment we lay eyes on them.  We are sizing them up comparing them to ourselves, labeling, judging. She’s good looking,,, I hate her, what is she thinking wearing that! she seem so phony. the hole time shaking her hand and mechanically introducing yourself. You haven’t a clue what her name is, you have been busy thinking. We also tend to do the same to ourselves when meeting people we start judging ourselves …I cant compete with these people, they seem much more better then me. I feel out of place here, I should have worn the other out fit. He is more successful then me, their house is nicer, newer.   We all do this and so its seems to be normal but it doesn’t have to be. it only cause us suffering and we miss out on opportunities, friendships, marriage, successful children.
Being present without thought can be very difficult at first, but with practice it becomes easier and even addicting …presences is being at peace. and peace is being happy.  We all long for peace. which is probably why a lot of people have addictions…drugs, alcohol, can feel like presences, we tend to feel quit at ease when we have a few drinks in us. alcohol simulates presences if you have ever been intoxicated you may remember feeling at peace telling someone you just met how much you love them, talking to strangers like your best friends making plans to do things the next day. and later thinking what was I thinking!! followed by I guess I wasn’t .  Drugs and alcohol are illusions of presences that’s what makes them so addicting. people can also become addicted to things that make you become present like riding a motorcycle. while riding you are more present because its somewhat an adrenaline rush and our primal instince tell us to be alert,  mountain climbing, jump out of planes, working out at the gym can simulate the fight or flight feeling which makes you feel alert and closer to feeling present.  Being truly present means have an awareness of the moment and controlling your thinking.  you are then able to drink or climb a mountain because you enjoy it! not because you are addicted and want to escape your thinking.
Even watching TV can keep us from our own minds, its very addicting to lose yourself in a movie .
Your body does not know the difference of a movie or real life its reacts the same, a sad movie will make you cry, a happy make you laugh and feel good , a drama will make you feel angry. So pay close attention to your thoughts and your bodies response. So along with listening to those around you listen to your thinking awareness is all that’s needed.